Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cinderella's in da' House

We gave Becca a copy of the movie Cinderella last March for her second birthday. I’m not a big fan of all the princess movies because their villians are just too evil for my liking for my little girls. But, Cinderella’s villian is not too terrible or scary in my opinion. Plus, I like the message that Cinderella was beautiful because of her inner and outer beauty.

Anyway, Becca of course has decided she really likes the movie, and for a while, she would ask to watch it on a daily basis. Someone gave us an old flower girl dress that Becca wears as her Cinderella dress. Over the past few months the costume has expanded to include a pair of hand-me-down tap shoes as Cinderella’s slippers complete with a plastic tiara and necklace.

Becca even made up her own Cinderella game. She will put on the full costume, run to David, and say, “Dance with me Daddy!” She and David will dance for a minute or so, then Becca will suddenly say, “Oh no!” She will take off running, kick off one of the tap shoes, and say, “Get me Daddy! Get my slipper!” So David will chase her around the house with the other “slipper”.

I decided to try to get Becca off this Cinderella kick and on to something else. (Before it was Cinderella, it was Dora.) So, for Christmas, we gave her a Strawberry Shortcake 2 DVD set. The cover on the box showed the first movie with Strawberry Shortcake and a pony, and the second one showed Strawberry Shortcake playing dress-up. “Perfect,” I thought. “We can finally move away from Cinderella.” I was so wrong! In the Strawberry Shortcake movie about playing dress up, Strawberry Shortcake and her pals all act out the Cinderella story! Becca is in Strawberella heaven! (Groan)

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lizzie's Eyes

Sorry, no cute pictures to go with this post, but this is some good news!

We took Lizzie to the eye doctor a little earlier this week. He told us that her eyes look much better, (We have been patching her right eye for two hours everyday for the last four months.) but they still don't work in unison at 100% yet. He told us that for now we can continue to put off surgery to correct the problem. He wants us to continue to patch it as before for another four months. Then, at that point one of two things will happen. 1.) Her eyes will work great with no further need for corrective measures. 2.) Or, if the problem still exists, the doctor wants to try glasses before the more extreme surgery option. Lizzie has a pretty significant astigmatism (not surprising given her neurology and heredity). He told us that this could be causing some of the eye crossing issues.

I am happy to try the glasses over surgery any day! Anyway, I think babies in glasses are so adorable! It's funny, as a child, I purposely picked out a Cabbage Patch Kid with glasses because I thought it was cute, and now I might get my own real baby them!