Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lizzie's Leg

We are so relieved! Words cannot begin to express our relief and gratefulness to the Lord. We took Lizzie to Scottish Rite on Tuesday morning for her orthopedic doctor to take a look at her x-rays and give us his opinion. Based on the opinion of the ER doctor and the orthopedic nurse I spoke to on the phone for Scottish Rite, I had mentally prepared myself for the half spika cast for four to six weeks and possible surgery.

The first person to come into the exam room at Scottish Rite was some sort of resident in training. He was nice, but seemed concerned that I had no explanation for her broken leg. He took a look over Lizzie and her leg and said that we could probably get into the casting room today, he just needed to check the schedule. She needed the half spika.

Okay, so he leaves the room to go double check her x-rays and and check the casting room schedule. He is gone for at least 25 minutes. We wait and wait and wait. Suddenly the door opens and in walks the very gray haired orthopedic surgeon who operated on Lizzie's clubbed right foot last spring. He is followed by a group of residents and nurses in training who speak in hushed tones around him. Dr. Richards! We love him, and he has taken a special liking to Lizzie. (Or at least it seems that way.) He is the oldest and most respected orthopedic doctors at Scottish Rite and we are grateful Lizzie's case was assigned to him.

He tells us that after looking at the x-ray he believes that a soft cast will do the trick this time and she should be all healed up in three weeks! He let us look at her x-ray and explains that there is no birth defect or brittle bone disease. She's just a kid with Spina Bifida with bones that aren't real dense do to lack of use. Unexplained broken legs are normal in these cases and the healing process actually makes them stronger. No surgery or anything was needed and in his opinion she looked otherwise great!

Wow! We did the happy dance after everyone left the room. After so much bad news over the years, it is really nice to hear the word "normal" and "Lizzie" used in the same sentence.


Mary said...

Such great news!! Yay for Lizzie not having a big hard cast!

Cassie said...

Woo Hoo! I'm so happy for you and for Lizzie of course!

Carley said...

WooHoo! That's GREAT news!! Love you guys!

Katie said...

Yea! We are so happy for you guys!

Bev said...

We're so thankful! Kiss that sweet baby for us.

Cassie said...

It was so nice to meet you and your girls today!! They are so cute!